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Aayushcare Foundation

Aayushcare Foundation is a non-profit NGO that works on the motto ‘The more you give, the more you receive’. Started in 2022, Aayushcare Foundation endeavours to reach out to the marginalized sections of the society comprising children and senior citizens.

Even in the 21st century, after 75 years of independence millions of children and old-age folk in the urban as well as far flung rural areas of Maharashtra continue to languish in destitution. Extreme poverty and illiteracy drives poor children towards social neglect and antisocial aptitude. This problem was compounded by the recent Corona virus pandemic that orphaned thousands of unfortunate children.

Aayushcare Foundation sincerely attempts to provide support to such innocent children in the form of nutritious food, clothing, shelter, education and proper training in some vocation so as to bring them back into mainstream society.

The plight of shunned and abandoned aged folk is even more terrible. These gray hairs deserve some small amount of consideration and respect in their twilight years. Aayushcare Foundation strives to provide relief to them through basic necessities along with medical care for decent survival.



Aayushcare Foundation was founded by engineering entrepreneur and philanthropist Mr. Manoj Patil and his family comprising Mrs Aarti Patil, Daughter Piyusha Patil & son Aayush Patil. Hailing from a humble farming family in a tiny village in Buldhana district of Maharashtra, Mr. Patil’s Pune-based Automation business tentacles have spread over India and abroad. As Director of Patil Automation Pvt. Ltd. and EVTRIC Motors Private Limited, he envisages being a leader in Automation and Atmanirbhar Bharat Movement. He staunchly believes that he owes a lot to the society. Likewise, his entire family shares his altruistic attitude and is in the forefront of social work.

Mr. Manoj Patil

Mrs. Aarti Manoj Patil

Piyusha Patil

Aayush Patil

Aayush Care Foundation is supported by PAPL, EVTRIC, UK’s Resort, Padmatech Industries Pvt. Ltd. & SOPL.
Together and with the help of conscientious people like you, they dream of reaching out to our less-fortunate brethren and trying to make a small difference in this beautiful world of ours.

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